I envision the images of the future I want to see & work to produce them.
I Am a Visionary Image Producer!

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VIP Studios

Visionary Image Productions paints pictures with words that strive to take visual imagery to the highest imaginable level while moving technology forward. We are constantly adding skills to our tool box. A complete list of services & programs will be updated and posted shortly. For specific inquiries Contact Us!


Coming Soon...

Due to an increased demand, VIP Studios will soon offer some of our Health, Fitness, & Wellness catalog of productions for sale in our online shop! Check back soon for details or like our Facebook Page to stay up to date on our latest developments.

About the Founder

Founder of VIP Studios, MichelleLynn VIP is a free spirited Visionary Image Producer inspiring others to find, remember, & live their dreams without apology. A magnetic, ingenious, stylish leader who lights up the world around her as she makes life an adventure, traveling the road less traveled but most desired. By 16 this robotics electrical team leader graduated High School Valedictorian, earned 30 college credits & accepted an internship at NASA Kennedy Space Center.  This NFL Super Bowl XLI & XLIV Interviewer also shared her talents with students as a computer, multimedia, film, & music production teacher. She has been an instructor at the Boys & Girls Clubs, and NASA's Kennedy Space Center. She's performed in a variety of sectors taking each task to a new level.

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